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These photographic books are available as a free download from APPLE BOOKS. Clicking on the image will take you to the download link. If you don't have an Apple device, go to the EPUB downloads.


If you don't have an Apple device, the following links will take you to a We Transfer site to download an EPUB file. EPUB files work on most e-readers.  To access the link, scroll the cursor over the title and click. To preserve image quality the file sizes can be large so the downloads may take a little time.

Namibia 451 MB 08/08/20

In Pursuit of Whales 279 MB 03/08/22

Dive Wakatobi 290 MB 03/08/22

Sperm Whales of the Azores 246 MB 08/08/20

Wakatobi Reef Life  652 MB 03/08/22

 Orcas & Ice - Coming Soon

Tanzania - Coming Soon

Reef Fish 574 MB 03/08/22

Painted Wolves 279 MB 08/08/20

Reef Life 630 MB 03/08/22

A Long Lens in Africa 1  906 MB 10/08/20

Nudibranchs - Coming Soon

African Birds 607 MB 09/09/20

Hanging Out With Bargibanti - Coming Soon

The Leopard's Whiskers 47 MB 09/09/20

Birds of Western Australia 306 MB 09/09/20

Our images have been used in the following books.

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